About Us

About dhi

As a startup incubator, DHI Labs partners with academic institutions, investors and other startup incubators around the world, to create a cause related ecosystem, that drives innovation and channelizes it into real business outcomes.

We understand exactly how daunting starting a company can be. Startup founders are perennially worried apprehensive about funding, market strategy and several other factors. DHI Labs focuses keenly on mentoring the entrepreneurs who are passionate about social impact, clean-tech and smart city startups in India and beyond.
DHI Labs provides training and mentoring through both formal and informal education in three key areas: Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup methodologies.

Primary Goals

  • Workshops

    DHI Labs equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the required skills and strategic advice for startup success. We are passionate about guiding entrepreneurs in building a user-centered approach that will help their respective ventures prosper. DHI Labs also supports entrepreneurs in exploring opportunities internationally

  • Startup Accelerator Programs

    Give your startup business an opportunity for rapid growth through our startup accelerator programs, which will give you an access to mentorship, technology, office space and an incredibly innovative community, to kickstart fast growth for your startup.

  • Funding

    Leverage the opportunity to connect with visionary investors who are keen to collaborate with promising startups. DHI Labs works closely with conscientiously selected companies that we believe have the opportunity to drive positive impact both in India, and across the world. .

  • Events

    DHI Labs conducts startup oriented events throughout the year, to channelize its relentless dedication to establishing a startup eco system that connects startups globally. We seek to create an environment that is conducive to startup success and establishes entry points in foreign markets.

DHI Team

Abhilash Veera P

Founder & CEO

Abhilash has excellent understanding of the synergies between Indian and European startup ecosystems having been closely associated with both. He envisions the creation of a collaborative platform that brings together individuals and firms from diverse ecosystems into a global community of startups, mentors and investors who wish to learn and grow together. Abhilash has advanced degrees in Renewable Energy and Innovation Management from TU Berlin, Germany. He has the uncanny ability to spot talented startups and give them the necessary push to achieve their goals. For Environment focused startups he also doubles up as a valuable mentor.

Juliane Froemmter

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Juliane Frömmter is a consultant and entrepreneur with a focus on innovation, impact and change. She provides support and advice to organizations that are facing disruptions in their business due to digitalization. Juliane holds an Executive MBA from HULT International Business School. Her MBA background and her entrepreneurial spirit pushed her to explore her passion for change by taking up a position at DHI LABS. DHI LABS is at the forefront of enabling innovations that usher in change. She leads those efforts as the Chief Executive of DHI LABS. DHI LABS is an India focused Impact Incubator catering to Indian Social and Clean-tech Entrepreneurs by providing them mentorship and investment access.

Chaitanya Dhumaskar

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Chaitanya Dhumaskar is a young entrepreneur focused on working in the clean-tech space. His close association with one of the most promising startup ventures in Germany has given him a comprehensive understanding of startup architectures. His interests comprise research, business development and entrepreneurship. This diversity of interests enables him to bring fresh insights to businesses he is associated with.

Nigar Nazirova

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Nigar Nazirova has extensive experience in working with young people due to her association with several NGOs. She is skillful at building dream teams for enterprise success by bringing together talented young individuals. She forayed into the world of business as a highly effective sales consultant helping companies expand their reach and market. Her education and experience in IT, Web-design and Project management along with her ability to easily connect with young entrepreneurs help us in our vision of setting up a global forum for start- ups. Her inputs have been instrumental in steering the start-up conferences we have organized so far in the right direction. Nigar is presently engaged in generating business intelligence and in leading our social media marketing efforts.

Gauraw Patil

Head of Education, Design Thinking (D.T)

Gauraw holds academic degrees in engineering and economics, the right combination of talents to guide innovative ideas into financially rewarding enterprises. Gauraw has specialized in and mastered the techniques and frameworks that promote innovation. After practicing Value Analysis & Engineering for a year in the Indian automotive industry, he moved to Berlin in 2013. Gauraw has spent a year at the HPI School of Design Thinking. During his time at the school he worked on various projects as a DT expert and delivered fabulous results. The work he did for a DHI LABS project convinced us that he was the right person to have on board as the head of our design department.

Sandeep Bajjuri

Education Manager, Design Thinking (D.T)

Sandeep is an Engineer, Design Thinker, consultant and climate change activist. As part of the Climate KIC and Dschool communities, he has studied and analysed the Berlin Startup ecosystem thoroughly. He holds a Design Thinking Certification and is also pursuing his Masters at the Technical University of Berlin. His enthusiasm for all things related to the startup environment is evident from his long association with startup industry conferences. He began as a participant in Startup Weekend and has now progressed to being an organizer and a coach at the EIT Startup Days in Berlin.