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Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Dreams at the IMPACT Chapter Startup Challenge!

The Startup ecosystem in India is vibrant and booming. Indian tech-startups have been hot on the radar of global investors for a while now. But the picture is not entirely rosy. Several startups succeed in finding investors, but fail to deliver. While finding investors may seem like the biggest challenge for your startup journey, it is not the only one. For your startup to succeed and be scalable you need much more.

This is where we come in!

DHI IMPACT CHAPTER STARTUP EVENT: The one-stop solution to all your startup queries.

DHI impact chapter sees itself as an important enabler in giving wings to young India’s startup dreams. The impact chapter will bring together investors, mentors and startups for a 2-day conference that will be unlike any other.

Their Target: To be a comprehensive arena that goes beyond traditional investment conferences.
It involves: Catering to all the needs of budding startups. By moving beyond providing financing opportunities and
✔ Helping startups find skilled mentors
✔ Scouting the right collaborators for them
✔ Assisting them in establishing profitable partnerships

It’s difficult for startups that are not in e-commerce or technology space to garner funding. The ones which cater to smartphone savvy urban elite corner most of the investment. Not much investment flows into social or rural focused startups. The impact chapter seeks to bridge this critical gap in funding impact-innovation.

What does the Impact chapter startup conference have in store for budding startups?
Knowledge. Networking. Collaboration. And a lot more!
Pitch your ideas. Get the investors hooked. And find mentors eager to collaborate.
The innovation landscape is constantly changing.
To be on the top you have to be in on the hottest new developments. How?
Get to Impact chapter and get all the deets on the latest innovations from our erudite speakers.
We promise…
The Ultimate Knowledge Feast: A host of seminars, workshops and labs are spread out over the two day event.
Expert speakers will
✔ Update you on current developments in their respective industries
✔ Identify where future opportunities and growth prospects lie

some of our speakers we are excited for you to hear.

The Perfect Partner: Finding the right investor is crucial to the success or failure of a startup. DHI Labs has some great initiatives lined-up for this. There is also a seminar on Co-opetition, where you will get expert insights into how small startups can leverage the strengths of big firms through collaboration.

Top-class Mentors: Startups need knowledgeable mentors to give them sound advice on a variety of challenges they are likely to face. Startups fail because of poor mentoring and improper business planning. Several startups start in a very localized context and lack sufficient domain expertise and business savvy to scale-up. The impact chapter has something spectacular in store for you on this front.

Visibility and Marketing: Pitching your ideas to investors, industry experts and leading professionals in your domain will not only gain you visibility, but also allow you to tap into their networks for your needs.

What gets easy if you can tap into expert advice regularly? All of this:

✔ Acquiring the right talent
✔ Anticipating roadblocks
✔ Improving product design for scalability

For stable startups – Reinvention: The startup environment is highly disruptive and is constantly evolving. To survive you have to constantly innovate and upgrade the service/product on offer. Exposure to fresh ideas from newer entrants’ helps. Attending startup focused conferences is a great way to achieve this.

Why there won’t be a more opportune moment?

The Indian startup ecosystem is poised for a big push from the Indian government which is a firm believer in technology led solutions to India’s challenges. Let us help you leverage this opportunity by being with us at this startup conference. Join us at the Impact chapter in Hyderabad!

If you are a startup that’s looking to stay updated


An innovator with an idea whose potential you need to find out
The IMPACT CHAPTER is the place to be this April!

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